How to pick a winner for your Facebook competition

When Facebook announced the arrival of Page post competitions and the end of third-party only competitions hidden within a page app, brands cheered. This was a sure way to encourage on-page commenting, liking, and general banter.

We definitely agreed. Running a competition on your Facebook timeline is a great idea for firing up some on-page action and some wholesome organic shares. But when it comes to picking a winner, things can get tricky. There’s 400 comments to go through, and although you love all your fans equally, you don’t know if you love them that much. You’re not getting those 2 hours of your life back.

So, this week we present to you the Woobox competition picker. It’s fair as a square, and best of all will save you trawling through hundreds of potential candidates.

How to use Woobox to select a lucky winner

  1. Sign in to Woobox using the ‘Sign in with Facebook’ option.
  2. When your competition has finished running, select the ‘post’ option at the top of the page.
  3. Facebook Competition Winner Picker Free Marketing Tool
  4. You can then choose from 2 different filters for the random selection of a winner: people who have liked the page, people who have liked the post and people who have commented on the post. Press the fool-proof ‘Pick a winner’ button, and watch as the tool makes someone’s day. Notify the winner by tagging them in a comment (even if it’s only a packet of free socks – they’ll surely get that warm and fuzzy ‘I’ve WON feeling’).

To Tab or not to Tab?

There are advantages to using a competition tab–a reassuring structure which hides all your entrants’ data neatly inside the app, and an aggregation system which does all the elbow grease for you.

However, running a competition on your page is a great way to interact with your fans.

It may look messy – but sometimes, mess is good. For one, the Facebook algorithm loves all those comments and likes, and you will get the kudos. For two, a lot has to be said for your fans seeing you react and interact with other fans. It’s a good opportunity to get conversational and reveal your brand’s personality (which is fab, so go on, show it off!).

Were we wooed by Woobox?

Woobox is a great piece of software for managing page tabs and page posts. However, (as usual) the free version of Woobox gives you what you pay for.

The ‘pick a winner’ device is one of the few free tools available. One big downfalls of the tool is that it is missing an important filter – one which allows you to select a winner from people who have shared the post.  Rewarding your audience for shares is really important, as it catapults your organic reach and page Likes into the hundreds!

Generating and maintaining engagement on your social channels can be tricky (we all know that Facebook’s organic reach has dwindled to nothing). However, this doesn’t have to be bad news. It just means that you need a robust content strategy in place so you can make the most of Facebook’s ad platform and targeting metrics. But not to worry, we can help with that– all you need to do is get in touch.

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