What’s your emailing style?

How do you handle your emails? Do you obliterate them as they come in or are you slow to respond?

Emails can be a minefield of formalities and personal tones. We often change the tone to suit the situation (or don’t) and a lot of us have our own unique tones of voice that can come across as well…just plain odd, depending on the context.

Some people keep it very basic and formal, giving only the exact info needed, without the pleasantries of a hello or even a sign off. Others lather their text in smiley faces and exclamation marks (you know who you are). But more than just the tone behind the text, there are the extremely efficient emailers who immaculately organise their inbox. Then there’s the scruff who let it all pile up like that jumble of clothes you swear you’ll wash when you get home (yeah, we’ve all heard that one).

For this week’s Friday Freebie we present you with a more light-hearted tool to find out what type of emailer you are. SidekickHubspot’s email Chrome extension, has created a quick email personality quiz for you to take to find out which you are. Maybe you are more flamboyant than you thought. 😛

They list four types of emailer:

  • The Exquisite Emailer – This person writes professional and easy to understand emails. However they tend to fall down on efficiency as they lack knowledge of email productivity tools.
  • The Email Machine – Similar to the Exquisite Emailer, this person is good at email etiquette. But where these guys shine is their ability to harness productivity tools to make their emailing life a cinch. If Speedy Gonzalez could write emails he would be an Email Machine.
  • The Simple Emailer –  These simple folk keep their tone casual with smiley faces and exclamation marks. They love to add an auld joke in there to lighten the mood (sure it’s just an email after all!).
  • The Inbox Destroyer – Finally, we come to the Inbox Destroyer. These people are a force to be reckoned with. Not only are they savvy in the ways of productivity tools but they know how to strike the balance and tone of the conversation.

So what type of emailer are you?

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About Niall Tuohy

Niall Tuohy is Digital Marketing Executive at 256 Media, Ireland’s first dedicated content marketing agency. He is Hubspot Certified in Inbound Marketing and likes to find the whimsical side of the shiny things he stumbles upon. Find him on Twitter @Niall_Tuohy