World’s first Content Marketing in a Box – start planning your content strategy now

Planning a content strategy isn’t that difficult especially when you have a handy tool to help you brainstorm, shuffle and devise your content plan.

Content Strategy Before

Our content planning used to look something like this (with thanks to 3M).


Content Strategy After

But we wanted to put more structure on it so we came up with this.


Content Marketing in a Box

Our SNaP cards are the world’s first Content Marketing in a Box. The SNaP stands for Strategic Navigation and Planning, as the cards are used to prompt, plan and navigate your content strategy.

So how do they work?

First lay out your four aces Goals, Plan, Create, Measure.

Next use the prompted cards to discuss and consider your content options. We’ve included over 20 in the pack, each with some tips and pointers on the back.

We’ve also included plenty of blank cards to help you and your team add your own ideas to the mix.

256 Media Content Marketing Cards

The SNaP cards are great for brainstorming and pinning down the specifics of a hard-working content plan.

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About Karen Hesse

Karen Hesse is the CEO of 256, a Dublin based multi-award winning strategic Content Marketing Agency. An award winning journalist and publisher she has 25 years experience in creating hard working content assets for clients. She is Ireland's leading expert in content marketing strategy and has vast experience in delivering creative marketing solutions for B2B and B2C clients.