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256 Media is a dynamic, Dublin based, strategic content marketing agency. We create engaging content across print, digital and social channels, to help clients define and deliver their marketing objectives.

Because we know how to grow brand and market share by creating engagement, community and conversation, we've become part of the marketing team of many companies who are discovering how essential it is for brands to become 'publishers' in their own right.

We leverage the creative talent and rich heritage we have in Ireland as a nation of story tellers to create and deliver winning brand stories custom designed for our clients.

If you want to know how strategic content can help develop your brand, build marketing assets and engage your audience we're here to help.

Contact Us to see how we can help with your content, print, digital or social media project.

Psst... What's with the name?

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What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the strategic creation and sharing of content to acquire and retain customers

Content Marketing is a comprehensive communications strategy that

  1. Identifies what your buying audience is looking for (as opposed to what you are selling them)
  2. Gives it to them

Give them the love and they will love you back. Simples.

In other words it's not about throwing stuff at a wall and hoping it sticks!
It is Planned, Purposeful and Profitable.

Why has Content Marketing become so important?

Because Google are the masters of the universe

And Google want you to publish fresh and relevant content for your audience (the result of many Google updates over the past few years called Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird - hence the graphics!)

So, unless you are planning a revolution and taking over yourself, you should play by their rules
In short, publishing fresh and relevant content for your audience will:

  1. Improve your organic search ranking, attracting more (qualified) traffic to your site
  2. Convert more of that traffic to leads and, ulimately, sales

And because the evidence suggests that you really, really should.

What is Content Marketing used for?

Content Marketing is used to attract, engage and nurture leads through the sales funnel. So it is strategic in nature.
Content Marketing is used for So, to sum up - it's pretty damn useful!

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Where's the proof that Content Marketing works?

Well look at you with the tricky questions! Actually it's not that tricky.

Research from Hubspot shows that Content Marketing delivers an average

200% return on investment

And companies that blog generate

55% more traffic to their websites

compared to those that don't.

Because they generate

Twice the number of indexed links


5 times the number of indexed pages

Why 256 Media?

The world has gone content crazy (thanks, Google!) but there's a world of difference between doing content brilliantly and doing content, well, crazily.

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Content Marketing Services :)

256 Media creates and publishes strategic, engaging content across all channels from print to digital, social media and beyond. We help clients to identify and create hard-working marketing assets. Our content marketing services include:


We audit existing marketing activities and devise and implement strategic, measureable content plans


Creation of bespoke customer magazines, printing and distribution

Digital publications

Creation of e-books and digital interactive publications

Focus groups

Facilitation of Focus Groups including design, implementation and reporting


Development of easy to use websites complete with custom content, graphics and tracking

Website audits

Website audits for SEO including competitor analysis recommendations and implementation

E-zine campaigns

Development of must-click ezine campaigns with full management services and tracking

Customer guides

Origination and design of helpful customer guides that go beyond the boring product information


Creation of fun and engaging video showcasing brand values and benefits


Development and design of cool infographics that customers want to share and comment on


The creation of rich blog posts with genuinely helpful information ideally geared for SEO

Social media

Origination and implementation of quirky campaigns for Facebook and Twitter


Design and implementation of customer surveys that double as market research and media releases


Creative presentations telling your brand story from the first word to the last image.


Graphics and content for screen

For a free one-hour content marketing consultation contact us.

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Content Marketing Training :)

256 Media facilitates on-site training for your marketing team. We identify your specific training needs and devise a bespoke plan with defined goals. Unlike attending a one size fits all training programme that covers topics you already know or have no interest in, with 256 Media training you develop the skills you need. We deliver training in the following areas:

Content marketing

How to devise and implement a content marketing plan

Social media

Everything you need to know about social media in one day


How to create brilliant presentations from writing copy to design and delivery

Press releases

How to write a press release that will get your business noticed

E-zine campaigns

How to devise, implement and manage an engaging ezine campaign

Web design

Introduction to and advanced skills in web design including analytics and SEO

Adobe CS

Introduction to and advanced skills for Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

To discuss your bespoke training needs contact us.

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Our Clients :)

256 Media creates strategic content solutions for a range of companies from financial institutions to media (here are just some of them).

256 Clients

To find out how strategic content marketing can help your brand contact us

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256 Blog :)

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Content Marketing Resources :)

If you want to fall madly in love with content, let 256 Media fan the flames with some free stuff we’ve created to help spread the content love. Try our headline generator, take our content marketing quiz, watch our videos and download e-books to your heart’s content. You’ll be a content native in no time at all.

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